Get Started with Quizzes

The Canvas Quiz tool can administer both surveys and assessments for grades, including a variety of question types. See the links below for information on creating Quizzes.

Uses have included:

  • Practice for exams
    • Students might earn extra credit while trying questions from previous years.
    • Quizzes can replicate certain aspects of high stakes external tests, like professional certification exams, including time pressure or administration of one question at a time.
  • Formative assessment, to determine student knowledge at the start of the semester and offer a comparison with test results from the end.
  • Receive feedback on the course, and gather this input during the semester while changes can still be made.

The quiz feature includes a number of options to enhance learning and offer convenience, such as:

  • The opportunity to provide feedback on a question, and on each response, so students can use quizzes or surveys for self-testing.
  • Question Banks, which allow instructors to create different Quizzes every semester without having to rewrite questions.
  • Statistical information, which allows instructors to identify problematic questions and general areas of strength and weakness.

Concerns to note:

  • In general, Quizzes serve low stakes purposes best because there are no sure safeguards for academic integrity. ¬†Instructors can make use of certain features such as question sets to make collusion counter-productive, but there is no way to monitor quizzes taken outside class.
  • Once students have taken a quiz, instructors cannot make changes to a quiz without adversely affecting grades. ¬†Canvas does not present any warnings before making these changes, so instructors may be unaware of the consequences until they come into effect.