Canvas Course Launch Checklist

Please complete the following steps and then PUBLISH your course.

Empty CheckboxEnsure that the Syllabus is correct, up-to-date, and visible. This can include sharing your syllabus to the Syllabus Search program, or linking to the file on your Canvas homepage. Please note: the Files area is not accessible to students by default; to change this, see the guide to modify your course menu and navigation bar.

Empty CheckboxRequest activation as needed: i>Clicker, Lecture Capture, Course Reserves.

Empty CheckboxCheck your recommended Course Settings.

Empty CheckboxCheck your Notification Preferences to ensure your contact information is current.

Empty CheckboxAdd individuals associated with the course (TAs, Designers, Librarians, etc.).  Verify that the correct users were added through the People tab.  (Add People directions) (User Roles Defined)

Empty CheckboxPublish your course.  Once a course site is published, students enrolled in the course will be granted access within 24 hours.