Lecture Capture

Edit a Video with the Advanced Editor

Panopto Advanced Editor

Panopto offers an “Advanced Editor” which allows the user to add or replace slides, as well as add additional content to a recording.

The advanced editor is supported and accessible only via Safari and Internet Explorer. Currently, the Advanced Editor cannot be accessed through FireFox, Edge, or Chrome. In the future, these features will be incorporated into the basic editor and available on all browsers.

To access the advanced editor, click “More” in the recording navigation menu, and then click “Open in Advanced Editor.”


Set default thumbnail

Thumbnails can only be added to Screen Capture and Secondary Streams. To enter a new thumbnail to the recording:

1. Under the “Events” tab, click “Add Event.”2. Click the recording location where you would like to add a thumbnail. 3. Create the thumbnail name, enter any search data and/or captioning and then click “OK.”

The thumbnail will populate after the video has been processed.

‘Save as’ a new version

The advanced editor allows a creator to create different versions of a recording.

After editing and saving the recording, click “Save As.”

Title the version of the recording. Any further edits or changes will be made to the “saved as” recording, and not the original.

Insert and Edit Captions

By clicking into the “Captions” tab, you can use the text box to create new captions. Enter the caption and click “enter” to input the caption at the video’s current play location.

Preview Edits

To view the video excluding any deleted segments, click “Preview edits.” The recording will only play segments that have not been marked for deletion.

Zoom into the timeline

The magnifying controls allow you to “zoom” in and out of selected segments.


Click “Revert” to undo edits made.

Add a slide

1. To add additional presentation slides, click the “Slides” tab in the recording navigation window and then click “Add a Presentation.” 2. Click “Browse” to find and choose the presentation you would like to add. Keep in mind that additional presentations must include audio if placed in the “Primary” stream. 3. Once you have selected the presentation and stream type, click “OK” to finalize the slide additions.

Delete or Replace a Slide

To replace or delete a slide, select the slide from the Slides tab and then click “Delete.”

If you wish to replace the deleted slide with another, click “Add” and follow the steps “To Add a Slide.”

Add a Video Stream or other Panopto Recording Session
1. Select the “Stream” tab, and click into “Add a Video.” You can add a video from your desktop, or add another Panopto Session. 2. Click “Browse” to search for the desired stream. 3. If you are adding another recording session to your current recording, choose “Add Another Session.” Choose the course and recording session to be added, and then click “OK.”