Teaching Strategies

Remote Teaching Examples

The examples below illustrate how to combine asynchronous and synchronous approaches in different class settings. These are offered as a starting point as you begin to imagine the full experience of teaching and learning remotely.

Larger lecture classes

  • After students complete their reading they answer questions in Poll Everywhere
  • Lecture recording in Panopto, broken into 20 minute sections, integrating other media
  • Discussion Board with “liking” for Q&A on reading and lecture
  • Students each submit a brief assignment synthesizing key points

Mid-sized classes

  • Record a brief message introducing key points for the week ahead
  • After students complete their reading, they take a timed quiz to ensure comprehension
  • Then students participate in a group activity:
    • Engaging in a debate with assigned roles in a group discussion
    • Collaboratively producing a piece of writing in a Googledoc
  • Class meets on Zoom, where instructor will respond collectively and invite Q&A

Smaller seminars

  • Have students do collaborative reading in Perusall
  • For each reading, one student summarizes the discussion in a brief video recording in a Discussion Board, then others respond
  • For papers, assign peer reviews and revisions before the final version is turned in