Personal Response Systems

Create an iClicker Course

You’ll need to create “courses” within the  iClicker software for any courses in which you plan to use iClickers:

  1. Open the folder and select the iClicker application; the course selection window will open.
  2. Click  ‘+Create’ and type in the course title. The information you enter here is for your reference only- students won’t see it.

If you are using iClicker in the same building at the same time as another instructor, there is a chance the signals in the two systems can conflict with each other. You can prevent this from happening by changing the frequency your system uses. See the Class Use tab for further information.

Import Your Class Roster

If you want have a record of how your students responded to iClicker questions, you’ll need to import your class roster from the BC Portal.

Downloading Your Roster From The Agora Portal

  1. Login to and open the My Services tab.
  2. Select Manage your Courses.
  3. From the list of courses which appears, click the iGrader button to select the one for which you need the roster.

A “.txt” file with the number of your course will be sent to your BC email account.

Return to the iClicker application folder, and open the ‘Classes’ folder.

Open the folder corresponding to the relevant course.

You will find inside the folder a file named ‘roster.txt’. Locate the .txt file sent to you from the Portal, and place it in this folder. Change the file name to ‘roster.txt’, replacing the one initially there.

Sync Student iClickers

In order for iClicker to match responses with student names, clickers need to be registered and synchronized.  Here is the process:

  • Students need to use their clickers at least once in class, so the instructor’s software folder has a record of them.
  • Students need to register their clickers through the Agora portal.  Navigate to the the iClicker page on the CTE website and click on the tab that says “Students.”  You’ll see a section titled “Register iClicker.” Feel free to share this web page with your students. For classes with less than 50 students, clickers can be registered in class through a roll call; please contact the CTE staff for assistance with this process.
  • In cases where a student is attempting to register a used iClicker, it’s beneficial to register that student’s clicker through the gradebook. Refer to these steps to register through the gradebook.
  • The registrations and records of in-class use must be synchronized so they match as follows:

Open your iClicker program, and select the settings for your relevant course.

Click on the ‘Gradebook’ tab (1), and confirm that ‘General (LMS)’ (2) is selected as ‘Roster Source.’ Once you do this, click ‘Save’ (3).

Return to the iClicker home page, and click ‘Open Gradebook’.

You will find your students’ names already populated in the list. To sync your roster with data from your most recently run iClicker session(s), click ‘Sync’.

Click Customize in the left menu to see options for running questions and scoring responses.