Personal Response Systems

iClicker for Students

Register iClicker

Like Canvas and all other technologies, iClickers can be used in different ways.  For each class, please follow the instructions for registration which you have received from your instructor (you may be asked to follow different instructions for different classes).  The most common method for registration uses the Agora Portal:

Registration Through The BC Portal

  1. Log onto the Agora Portal
  2. Click on the My Services Tab
  3. Under “Academics and Courses,” click on “iClicker@bc”
  4. Click on “Register Your iClicker”
  5. Fill out the fields.
    • For your student ID, please put in your BC username.
    • Your Remote ID is located on the back of your iClicker underneath the bar code.

Roll Call Registration

  1. Bring your iClicker to class.
  2. In class your professor will project a registration screen. Look for your student name and/or ID which will scroll down the screen.
  3. Follow the steps outlined on the screen to register your iClicker.
    (Note: the last line of the Roll Call window says “To CLEAR your registration, press DD.”  You only need to do this if they have pressed a button incorrectly and need to start over).
  4. Once your remote is registered, your student ID will no longer appear on that scrolling list and you are registered for the entire term.

Change The Frequency Of Your iClicker

Most classes will use the default frequency, and you will not need to make a change. If you do, your instructor will let you know and guide you through the process the first time. You will need to make this change at the start of every class. The alternative frequency for each room is posted on a sign at the front of the classroom.

  1. Hold your ON/Off button until you see the green Power Light flash.
  2. Enter the frequency that your professor relays to you.
  3. Your “Vote Status” light will turn green after you enter this new frequency.
  4. Your frequency is now changed for the duration of the lecture & you may vote.
  5. When you turn off your remote, it will return to the default frequency of AA.

How To Recover Your iClicker ID

If the remote ID sticker has faded from your iClicker, here is how to recover your remote ID number:

  • If you registered your iClicker at some point in the past, you can use the Remote ID Lookup Tool to recover your ID number
  • If you never registered your iClicker and this is your first semester using it, go to the front desk at the Center for Teaching Excellence in O’Neill Library 250 during regular business hours, and the staff will locate your remote ID number for you