Teaching Strategies

BC Resources

The Center for Teaching Excellence and other key offices at Boston College provide programs and resources for international students and instructors. We encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities as you develop your teaching skills at BC.

Center for Teaching Excellence

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The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of programs on general teaching topics, such as our Boot Camp workshops and Excellence in Teaching Day, as well as programming focused on the particular needs of international TAs and TFs.

At the Graduate Student Teaching Conference, we host a panel discussion of international instructors at Boston College during which the panelists share their experiences and strategies with other international TA/TFs. We also offer the “Teaching in the U.S. Classroom” workshop each fall semester as part of the Apprenticeship in College Teaching program. You are welcome to register for just this workshop, or sign up to complete the entire ACT program.

Instructional Developers in the CTE are available to consult, troubleshoot, or discuss any teaching-related topics on an individual basis. If you have teaching-related questions or would like to set up a consultation appointment, please contact centerforteaching@bc.edu.

BC Programs for International Students

The English department offers courses to help improve the English-language proficiency of international graduate students and the Office of International Students and Scholars coordinates the Conversation Partners Program.

BC Resources for Instructors