Collaborative Discussions

Add Documents to Perusall

Once you’ve been directed to the Perusall course site, you’re ready to upload documents for your students to read.

Add Documents to the Documents Library

If you would like to use Perusall for a non-graded reading activity and let students access the readings anytime, you just need to upload the readings to the Document Library. Students will have access to the documents as soon as you upload them, but no scoring or deadline will occur until you assign them as assignments.

To add readings to the course, click the gear button on the “Document Library” block:

  1. Click the “Add” button at the top of the “Documents” column.
  2. Choose what you will be uploading. These should be PDFs that you have permission to distribute.

a.    You can use “Folder” to organize readings within the course.

b.    You may select “Textbook,” and choose from Perusall’s extensive catalogue of textbooks. (Students will then purchase the textbook through Perusall, as opposed to through the bookstore or via another e-book hosting service.)

c.     Items from a Dropbox

d.     You may select documents saved to your computer

e.     You may also copy readings from an existing Perusall site

Once the readings are uploaded, you can Post Your Comments/Questions to lead students through the readings. Please note that Perusall readings will only be accessible to screen readers if the PDFs that you upload are also accessible. For assistance, please see our guide to making PDF documents accessible.

Assign Specific Reading Document

  1. To assign the readings with specific deadlines,  select the the reading from the Document Library, and click “Assign” on the toolbar.
  2. On the setup page, you can

a. assign parts of/ the entire document

b.     Set up the submission deadline

c.     Name the assignment (This is very important, you will need to use the same name as your Canvas assignment/page name in order to connect the document to your Canvas course).

d.     Determine how many annotations required for the assignment (default is 7).

e.     Assign to your entire class, or only selected students.

f.     Enable or Disable anonymous commenting

3. Click on  “Save Changes” and you will see the assigned readings on the Assignments box.

4.      After the assignment is completed, the instructor will have access to

a.     Analytics: this gives you an overview of student grade distribution, annotation submission time heat map, page view report and student activity report

b.     Confusion Report: this will summarize all the questions students might have had during their readings

c.     All comments: this summarizes all the comments individual student/ the class have posted on the document

Once the readings are uploaded, you can Post Your Comments/Questions to lead students through the readings.