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Assign a Webpage in Perusall

This documentation will demonstrate how to assign a web page to Perusall for students to collaboratively annotate.  


Perusall's "Course Set-Up" page with the "Readings" tab selected.1) To begin, first navigate to the “Course Setup” screen on Perusall and select “Readings.”


While in the "Readings" area of "Course Set Up" click "Add" and select "Web Page."

2) Click “Add,” and select “Web page” from the drop-down menu.


Screenshot showing where one will enter the "Web Page URL" for the web page one wants to assign.

3)  Adding a web page to Perusall requires that you first copy the URL of the web page from its original source.  Once you’ve done this, paste the web page URL into the space provided and click “OK.”


Screenshot showing the process of Perusuall processing the web page one has chosen to add as an assignment.

4)  Perusall will immediately begin to process the web page that you have selected to upload.  This process makes the web page able to be annotated using Perusall.


Screenshot showing one how to select the web-page once it has been processed and clicking "Assign" to begin the process of making it an assignment.

5) Once your web page has been successfully processed, click “Assign” to make the web page available to your students.


Screenshot showing the "Assignment" details, where one will name the assignment and select due dates.

Please fill out the assignment details like you would any other Perusall assignment.  Make sure to title the “Assignment” the same name as the Canvas assignment to ensure proper linking.  To review the process of creating a Perusall assignment on Canvas, please click here.