Personal Response Systems

Registering students in Poll Everywhere

Student registration allows faculty to give them credit for their responses, and provides administrators the numerical data they need to manage BC’s Poll Everywhere contract.

The first step is to create a group in Poll Everywhere into which students can register.

  1. Log in to your Poll Everywhere account and click the “Participants” tab on the top of the page [1].
  2. Create a new group by clicking on the “New group” tab [1]. Name the group after your course number (or course name) [2], and click “Done” to finish the group creation [3].

  3. Select “Invite” on the right hand side of your course group [1] and copy the link below [2].

  4. Send the invitation link to your course participants via email. When students follow this link, they will be able to set up a Poll Everywhere account by entering their BC email address (based on their username) and creating a new password.  You can include a link in the email to our instructions for students.

Setting questions to require registration

After creating questions in Poll Everywhere, make sure the Configure tab is open on the right, and click the Response Settings bar to reveal its options. ¬†Select Registered participants only, and students will be prompted to login before they vote if they haven’t already.