Personal Response Systems

Send Poll Everywhere Grades to Canvas

1. Go to Modules and click on the Poll Everywhere button that you have created. For information on creating this button see “Adding students from your Canvas course into Poll Everywhere” on our “Getting Started Guide for Instructors.”

2. Click “Load Poll Everywhere in a new window.”

3. Click “Continue to” and sign-in with your BC credentials if prompted to do so.

4. Click “Create Gradebook for Export.”

5. Select the activities that you want to run the report on and click “Finish.”

6. Click “Export” on the bottom left to export the grades to your Canvas gradebook. A new assignment will be created with the name of the Gradebook report [1] and the grades for each student [2].

7. If you would like to export a new set of grades, you must first delete the old Gradebook report in Poll Everywhere. Go to Reports [1] and select the old, already exported Gradebook report [2]. Then press “Delete” [3].

You can now go back to step 1 and repeat the workflow to export more grades from Poll Everywhere into your Canvas gradebook.