Personal Response Systems

Types of Activities in Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere offers several types of activities, and also provides users with some template activities to begin with. Below are descriptions of the main activity types and how they might be used in an instructional setting (download PDF).

Poll Everywhere Types of Activities



The survey activity type in Poll Everywhere allows you to combine multiple activities into one activity. Find out more on Poll Everywhere’s “Surveys” page.


The competition tool in Poll Everywhere is another way to collate multiple activities into one activity. You can only add multiple choice questions to competitions. The competition results show a leaderboard of who has the most correct answers. Find out more about competitions on Poll Everywhere’s “Competitions” page and their blog post introducing this feature.

Switching visual format of an activity

Activities such as multiple choice and open-ended questions allow you to change how the activity results are displayed.

Go to “Visual Settings” in the activity.

Select the visual format that you would like for your activity.