Virtual Communications

Integrate Zoom with Canvas

Zoom may be added to your Canvas site as an “external app.” In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Canvas “Redirect Tool” to add the Zoom app as a web link in your course navigation menu.

Retrieving Your Personal Meeting ID

To add Zoom as an external app in Canvas, you’ll first need to retrieve your personal meeting ID.  Log into your account. Then, click on “Profile” from the menu on the left side of the page [1]. Your personal meeting ID is listed under your name and account information [2].  Copy this URL so you can paste this information in later steps.

Zoom personal ID

In your Canvas course, select “Settings” from the course navigation menu.

Canvas course menu

Click on the “apps” tab at the top of the page [1], and then search for the “Redirect Tool” using the search bar [2].

External apps menu

Click on the “Redirect Tool” icon [1] (new options will appear).  Then click the blue “add app” button [2].

Redirect tool

The app dialogue box will open.  Under “name,” enter the text as you’d like it to appear in your course menu [1].  Enter your personal meeting ID by pasting it into the field under “URL Redirect” [2].  Select the first two options from the list [see image below], and then click the blue “Add App” button [3]. 

App settings

Once the app is added, refresh the page to see the link in the course navigation menu. Then, click on the zoom link from the course menu [1]. On the next page click “open in new tab” to test that Zoom launches in a new tab [2].  

Zoom opening in Canvas

Testing Your Zoom Meeting Room

Before meeting with your students, test your microphone, speakers, and webcam.  Launch Zoom in Canvas by clicking on “open in a new tab.” Zoom will open. [Please note that some web browers may request authorization before renavigating to an external URL.]

You will be prompted to “Join the Audio Conference by Computer or by Phone.” Below this message, click on the link to “Test Computer Audio.” A new dialogue box will appear with directions to “Test Speakers” and “Test Mic.”  An additional icon is listed for “Video.” After click on the “video” icon, additional options will appear to test your webcam.

Test zoom meeting