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Add Readings to Perusall

Once you’ve been directed to the Perusall course site, you’re ready to upload documents for your students to read.

Note that this process has two parts: uploading the documents, and then creating assignments with these documents. Although students can technically still access readings before an assignment has been created, the process of creating an assignment will ensure a smoother experience for your students.

Upload Readings

To add readings to the course, click the “Library” tab (previously called “Documents”) at the top of the course home page.

Perusall home page with "Documents" link selected

On the Library page, click the “Add” button on the top right [1]. Select the method of upload [2] and locate your reading.

(Note: Perusall readings will only be accessible to screen readers if the PDFs that you upload are also accessible. For assistance, please see our guide to making PDF documents accessible. If you are requesting scanned PDFs of a reading from BC Libraries through Course Reserves, you can request an accessible scan by specifying that you need a PDF with OCR, or optical character recognition.)

Documents page with "Add" dropdown box opened

Depending on the size of the file, it may take a few minutes to upload.

Screen showing an upload that is still processing

Upload Videos

Perusall will also allow you to add and assign videos from external websites, and students will be able to write annotations that correspond to a time code in the video. If you’re using Perusall’s scoring feature, annotations on videos will factor into student scores in the same way that annotations on readings do.

For more information, see Perusall‘s instructions for adding videos.

(Note: Currently, Panopto does not allow users to upload videos from a computer, and will only work with videos that have already been uploaded elsewhere on the internet. YouTube and Vimeo videos are a reliable option, while Google Drive and Dropbox are less reliable due to privacy settings. Currently, Panopto video links do not work.)

Create an Assignment for a Reading or Video

Once your reading has been uploaded, click on the “Assignments” icon: an image of a calendar page with a checkmark on it. This will take you to the Assignments page.

A completed upload with the "Assignments" icon selected

On the Assignments page, click the “Add assignment” button.

In the box that pops up, you will need to input assignment information in 3 steps. First, select the reading you just uploaded and then click whether you want to assign a portion of the reading (“Assign page ranges”) or the entire reading (“Assign entire document”). Click “Next step” to move on to the next page.

First page of the "Add Assignment" popup, with an assignment selected and whole document page range selected

On the next page, set the assignment deadline and type in the assignment name. (Note: if you are using Perusall to pass scores back to Canvas, the assignment name on Perusall must be identical to the assignment name on Canvas.)

If you’d like, you can also type instructions for your students on this page. When you’ve finished with this page, click “next step.”

Second page of "Add Assignment" with deadline, assignment name, and student instructions filled in

The third page offers several optional settings you can change for the assignment: setting a required quantity of annotations for full credit, hiding the assignment until a certain date, limiting the assignment to certain students, making all student comments anonymous, or making the assignment optional. Make any changes on this page and then click “Save changes” to save the assignment.

Your assignment has been set up. After students submit annotations, you will be able to view assignment details and analytics on the Assignments page. You can also “Edit” to change any of the settings in the “Add assignment” box.