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Set Up Perusall in Canvas (Non-graded Activity)

This documentation is designed to help instructors set up Perusall as a non-graded reading activity in your Canvas site.  The Perusall course site will be generated from the Canvas site, so please begin by navigating to your Canvas course.

Click the “Modules” tab, then the “+” tab to add a new item.

From the drop-down menu, select “External Tool.”

Scroll down to find and select “Perusall.”

Scroll down and select the box next to  “Load in a new tab” [5]. Note: This box must be checked off, or students will experience errors when trying to access Perusall through this link. Then, click on “Add Item” to finish [6].

Be sure that both the item and its module have been “Published.” Even if the module has been, students will not be able to access an “Unpublished” item.

The Perusall page will now appear. Click the button that says “Load Perusall in a New Window” to be redirected to  your Perusall course site.

For first-time users, read through and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Perusall has recently updated their interface and, upon entering, will offer a tour of the features. Follow the tour and learn how to set up and navigate your Perusall course page.

Once you’ve been directed to the Perusall course site, you’re ready to start Adding Documents to Perusall for your students to read.