Collaborative Discussions

Get Started With Piazza

Setting Up Piazza in Canvas

Piazza has already been integrated in Canvas. To enable Piazza, click “Settings” on your Canvas home page.

Screenshot for Step 1

Click “Navigation” button on top of the Settings page, and you will see “Piazza” on the bottom of the page.

Screenshot for Steps 2 and 3

Drag “Piazza” button to the upper half of the navigation page, and then click “save” to enable Piazza.

Screenshot for Steps 4 and 5

Return to the Canvas home page. Click “Piazza” button on the left, you will see a new page that asks you to create your class on Piazza.

Screenshot for step 6

If you do not wish to change the Class Name or Number, simply enter the estimated number of students in the middle box, and click “Create Class”.

Screenshot for Steps 7 and 8

Now the class is created,  you can click “Continue” to start your Piazza discussion with students.

Screenshot for Step 9