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Manage Class

Manage Class

Instructors can utilize many of the functions offered by Piazza. To manage your class, simply click on “Manage Class” button [1], and you can customize your Q&A [2], manage enrollment [3], create groups [4], and customize your course page [5].

Screenshot displaying setting options.

In “customize Q&A”, you can enable or disable private posts [1], student polls [2], duplicate question feedback [3], and timer delays [4].

Screenshot showing the Q&A settings

In “Management Enrollment”, you can enroll additional professors, TAs [1], and students [2] who are not added through Canvas.

Screenshot showing the enrollment settings

In “Create Groups”, you can enable group based discussion by clicking “Create Groups” [1]. Once you’ve created groups name [2], select whether students can self-join groups, or assign students to group by clicking on the group title. See additional instructions below:

Screenshot showing the group discussion settings

In “Course Page” Settings, you can select how many resources are displayed to students and instructors in the course page [1]. You can also select which resource sections are visible to students by checking the boxes in the visibility settings [2].

Screenshot showing the course page settings