Collaborative Discussions


What is Perusall?

Perusall is a collaborative annotation tool that turns solitary reading assignments into engaging collective learning activities. Developed at Harvard by Professors Eric Mazur and Brian Lukoff, Perusall allows instructors to digitally assign readings to students, who then collaboratively engage with texts through annotation and commentary.


How does it work?


For Instructors

  • Ensures that students come to class prepared and having thoroughly read the material
  • Provides analytics, such as heat maps and confusion reports, that allow the instructor to better address misconceptions and/or difficult concepts
  • Allows instructor to structure lecture/discussion more efficiently
  • Saves considerable grading time

For Students

  • Masters readings faster and understand the material better
  • Fosters collaborative and thoughtful course engagement via annotation and commentary
  • Provides offline forum for sharing questions/confusions/ knowledge
  • Connects with classmates by addressing each other’s questions and confusions