Collaborative Discussions

Create, View & Respond to Comments

Creating & Responding to Comments

An instructor can add questions and/or comments in the same way as students.  To annotate the document

  1. Highlight a section of text. (Conversations that the instructor begins will be highlighted in blue, while student-commenced conversations are highlighted in yellow.)
  2. The “Current Conversation” page will appear, providing space for you to write your comment or question.
  3. The “Current Conversation” menu also allows a student or instructor to:

a.     Insert a mathematical formula

b.     Insert an image

c.     Include a URL link

d.     Insert a table

e.     Post your comment as anonymous

  1. After a comment has been submitted, a reader is also able to

f.     Copy the comment thread to the clipboard

g.     Flag inappropriate comments

h.     Delete a comment

  1. Students or the instructor respond directly to another’s comment by clicking on the existing highlighted texts or referring to another by using the @ + name formula.


Viewing Students Comments

Perusall allows the instructor to view student activity in a variety of ways, all by accessing the “All Comments” button on the top of the document page.

  • All comments for a given document.
  • By a specific student.
  • By a specific group.
  • Only comments which contain questions.