Personal Response Systems

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based personal response system (PRS) that can be used as a creative accompaniment to enhance class discussion by eliciting participant feedback in real time. Poll Everywhere enables instructors to get their polls off the ground easily using either a computer or a smartphone. Participants can access polls by using the Poll Everywhere mobile app, by following a link using their computer, or by using their text-messaging capable mobile device.

Want to use Poll Everywhere just for a quick poll or a few questions? Check out our tips for using PRS effectively, and then sign-up for a free higher-ed account.

Have more than forty students, or want to use polling in your grading? Fill out this request form, or contact, and we can help you get started.  Once you have an account, see the steps for getting students registered.

Have the basics of Poll Everywhere down? Want to integrate this PRS more intentionally into your course design? Check out our video tutorials on duplicating groups and grouping and ungrouping polls. Reach out to us at to meet one-on-one with someone on our instructional design team in order to unlock additional features of Poll Everywhere that will matter the most to you.