Personal Response Systems

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based personal response system (PRS) that can be a useful tool to engage students during synchronous teaching sessions both in-person and online (for example, during a Zoom session). You can integrate Poll Everywhere into your slide deck and give students various prompts to respond to in order to spur discussion or check for understanding. You can also collect Poll Everywhere responses asynchronously—this could be a great way to survey your students about a topic, or collect information that will be used to structure a class activity.

To get started with Poll Everywhere, please look at our “Getting Started Guide for Instructors” page for information on how to acquire a Boston College Poll Everywhere account and how to integrate it with the course you are teaching. We also have instructions for students on our “Poll Everywhere Guide for Students” page.

Poll Everywhere has many advantages for use in remote or blended contexts like the ones we will be in for Fall 2020. Poll Everywhere is free for students and does not require students to pay a fee or purchase an additional device such as a “clicker.” Students can use their own internet-connected device to respond to polls. This is particularly useful as polling that involves “clicker” devices require the instructor and students to be in the same room at the same time. With Poll Everywhere, polls can be presented via Zoom and students can respond live from anywhere.

Poll Everywhere comes equipped with many poll formats. Our page on “Types of Activities in Poll Everywhere” has information about the various formats and ideas for questions you might ask using each format. Furthermore, Poll Everywhere allows you to create anonymous polls; this is useful for when you may want to gather honest opinions about sensitive topics.

For information about creating a Poll Everywhere activity and embedding it into your slide deck, please see our pages on “Creating Activities in Poll Everywhere” and “How to Embed Poll Everywhere Activities in a Presentation.”

Lastly, Poll Everywhere can be used to take attendance, give quizzes, and assess participation, as it has an advanced reporting system that is integrated with the Canvas gradebook. Please look at our “Reports in Poll Everywhere” page for information about generating reports on your polls, and see our “Send Poll Everywhere Grades to Canvas” page for information about sending the data to the Canvas gradebook of your course.

Additional information about Poll Everywhere, including guidance on sharing polls with colleagues and embedding polls in Canvas, can be found on our FAQ page.