Personal Response Systems

How to Embed Poll Everywhere Activities in a Presentation

Poll Everywhere activities can be embedded into your slides so that you can present them seamlessly as part of your slideshow. The Poll Everywhere activity slide will include instructions for students for participating in the Poll Everywhere activity. Furthermore, the Poll Everywhere activity slide updates live so that you will be able to share the results of the activity with students while presenting.

Poll Everywhere activities can also function asynchronously, meaning that you can ask students to respond to activities in their own time. An activity can be embedded into a Canvas page, announcement, or module so that students can readily access the activity to respond to it. The results of the activity can also be embedded into Canvas. Please see instructions for this in our FAQ.

Poll Everywhere activities can be embedded into Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote presentations.

In order to embed Poll Everywhere activities into your slideshow presentation, you must first install a Poll Everywhere application.

The Poll Everywhere download website has applications for each type of presentation software. Choose the one that matches the software that you use to make your slides.

You can find out more about embedding Poll Everywhere activities when using specific technologies through the following links: