Personal Response Systems

Getting Started Guide for Instructors

Requesting a Boston College Poll Everywhere account

As an instructor, you may request a Boston College Poll Everywhere account by emailing

Poll Everywhere is intended to be used for your teaching and with registered participants. However, there is some limited availability for events outside of class. If you are considering Poll Everywhere for a one-time event, please reach out to us.

Adding students from your Canvas course into Poll Everywhere

When using the Boston College Poll Everywhere account, we ask that you have your students register to your course in Poll Everywhere. Registering students allows you to see their names next to their responses so that you can track their participation and, if you want, grade them. It is also important for Boston College administrators as it provides them with the data they need to manage Boston College’s contract with Poll Everywhere.

A direct integration between Poll Everywhere and Canvas was made available in August, 2020. Following the instructions below will allow you to connect your roster of Students in Canvas to Poll Everywhere. It will also create Poll Everywhere accounts for any students who do not already have them. Once you have completed the steps on this page, students can follow our “Poll Everywhere Guide for Students” for details on how they should sign in and respond to activities.

Please note: you will need to follow the steps below for each Canvas course you want to connect with Poll Everywhere. In addition, if new students add your course after you have already completed this integration process, you can start at Step 7 to have them added to Poll Everywhere.

1. Make sure that your course is published.

2. Go to Modules [1] and create a new Module by hitting “+ Module” [2]. You can name this module “Poll Everywhere” or similar. Keep your new module unpublished so that student cannot access it (this module allow you to sync your Poll Everywhere account with your Canvas roster and Gradebook, but it does not provide students access to Poll Everywhere). (unpublished modules will have a a ⃠ symbol next to the module).

3. Hit “+” to add content to this module.

4. Select “External Tool” as the content you are adding.

5. Select Poll Everywhere from the list.

6. Scroll down to the options and select “Load in a new tab” [1]. Then hit “Add Item” [2].

7.Click on the Poll Everywhere module item that you just created. Do not publish this item. You will want to keep this module item if you will be importing grades from Poll Everywhere into your Canvas Gradebook. Instructions for this can be found on our ”Send Poll Everywhere Grades to Canvas” page.

8. Click on “Load Poll Everywhere in a new window.”

9. Click “Continue to” and sign-in with your BC credentials if prompted to do so.

10. Click “Import roster.”

11. Click “Go to Participants page” to check that your import completed.

12. You should see that all of the students in your course are in a group that corresponds to your course. Groups are listed down the right hand side column [1]. Each group has a different colored circle [2].

If students already have a Poll Everywhere account they will be added to your course group. Students who did not have an account will have a new (free) Poll Everywhere account created for them, and they can access this account by signing in with their BC Google credentials using “Sign in with Google.” For students to participate in your Poll Everywhere activities as registered users, they must log in whenever they are taking your polls. Please send your students the “Poll Everywhere Guide for Students” for details on how they should sign in.

Setting your activities to allow responses from registered participants only

In order to take advantage of course registration in Poll Everywhere, it is recommended that you set your activities in Poll Everywhere to only accept responses from registered participants. This will ensure that students will have to log in before responding to your polls, and their answers to your polls will be associated with their name (instead of being anonymous by default).

Even with students registered and logged into Poll Everywhere, you can collect anonymous responses for specific activities. See instructions on Poll Everywhere’s “Anonymous responses” page.

1. Click on your username (blurred out in the screenshot below) and click “My settings.”

2. Go to “Activity settings.”

3. Scroll down to “Default activity settings” and select the option “Restrict to registered participants only.”

4. Remember to hit Save. Now, all polls that you create in your Poll Everywhere account will only accept responses from registered participants.