Personal Response Systems

Accessing and Customizing Your Poll Everywhere Account

This page includes information for instructors on requesting a Poll Everywhere pro account and logging into Poll Everywhere, as well as setting Poll Everywhere up for your students.

Your Poll Everywhere Account

Requesting a pro account 

As an instructor, while you are able to create a free Poll Everywhere account on your own, it has limited functionality. Therefore, please email to request a Boston College Poll Everywhere account.

Poll Everywhere is intended to be used for your teaching and with registered participants. However, there is some limited availability for events outside of class. If you are considering Poll Everywhere for a one-time event, please reach out to us.

Logging into Poll Everywhere

Your Poll Everywhere account is linked to the short form of your BC email address. Whenever you log into Poll Everywhere, click the “Sign in with Google” button (rather than typing your email address) and then select your BC email address.

Poll Everywhere homepagePoll Everywhere log in page

Ensuring Students Log In

We ask that you change your activity settings so students need to be logged in to respond.

  1. Click on the profile icon at the bottom left [1] and then click “Activity settings” [2].
  2. Scroll down to “Default activity settings” and select the option “Restrict to registered participants only.”
  3. Remember to hit Save.

Customizing Poll Everywhere

If you want to further customize Poll Everywhere, here are some additional resources:

  • Change your username and link: You can change your username, which determines the link students go to in order to respond to live polls. Review instructions for changing your username (under the “Custom username” header). 
  • Organize activities into folders: By default, new activities will be placed into a “Default” folder on your Activities page. However, you can choose to organize your activities into multiple folders (e.g. by course or class period).