Virtual Communications

Online Virtual Communication


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows instructors and students to connect virtually using a computer or mobile device.

Instructors at Boston College have access to the Licensed (Pro) version of Zoom. Please see our “Getting Started” guide for information about accessing your account. The Licensed version of Zoom has no time limit and allows up to 200 participants.

Once you have set-up your account, learn how to navigate within a Zoom meeting, with our “Navigating Zoom” page and get oriented to BC’s security settings with the “Security Features in Zoom” page.

Zoom is a great tool for integrating synchronous sessions into your remote teaching. You can also use Zoom to hold office hours and other meetings with students when a physical meeting is not possible. In an adaptable blended course, discussions and group work on Zoom could complement physical class time.

There are various features that allow you to facilitate participation, such as Chat, and the hand-raising feature. Learn about all of these features on the “Facilitating Student Participation in Zoom” page. You can also review how to use Zoom for small group work on our “Breakout Rooms in Zoom” page.

Our page on “Recording in Zoom” covers steps for saving a recording of your meetings, which you can then share with the participants. The page on “Screen Sharing and Annotation” goes over ways you can share content on your computer screen (such as PowerPoint slides) with your meeting attendees as well as how to annotate over the shared content.

We have also prepared a Zoom Guide for Students that you can share with your students. 

If you’d like to dig into Zoom’s features more deeply, please take a look at our FAQs, which includes information on scheduling meetings, additional security features (BC’s default settings are calibrated to safeguard security, but there are additional features you might want to explore), and more.

Google Meet

Google Meet offers a number of similar features to Zoom, and will allow you to host a meeting with no time limit. Your BC Gmail account connects directly with Google Meet, so there is no need to download anything or create a new account. You can start a meeting with one click, or schedule a meeting with Google Calendar.

Google’s support website provides instructions on using Google Meet:

Comparison: Zoom vs. Google Meet

Zoom vs Google Meet comparison chart