Accessible Word Documents

Creating accessible Microsoft Word documents is not difficult, but does require keeping several things in mind. Those already familiar with using Microsoft Word will simply need to add a few new skills to their repertoire.

Major Points To Keep In Mind

  1. Ensure font sizes are appropriate
  2. Text is formatted appropriately with titles, headings, and other styles
  3. Use the list and bullet features to organize content
  4. Add alternative text to images, graphs, and figures
  5. Add column header rows in tables and avoid blank characters
  6. Ensure hyperlinked text is descriptive
  7. Provide transcript or caption for embedded audio and video
  8. Use the built in accessibility checker

Other Points To Keep In Mind

  1. Provide a table of contents for longer documents
  2. Be sure to use clear and non-repetitive language
  3. Ensure sufficient contrast between content and background
  4. Avoid using color as the only way to convey meaning
  5. Avoid using watermarks

See The Following For More Comprehensive Guidance

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