Teaching Strategies

Mental Health and Wellness

Sample #1 

If you are feeling stressed, having challenges managing your time, sleep, or making choices around alcohol and food, the Office of Health Promotion offers Wellness Coaching appointments to support your health and wellbeing. Please reach out by going to OHP website to schedule a virtual meeting with a staff member, Wellness Coach, and for health and wellness information. Be Well. (provided by the Office of Health Promotion)

Sample #2

If you find yourself struggling with your mental or physical health this semester, please feel free to approach me. I will try to be flexible and accommodating. You can also find free, confidential mental health services at University Counseling Services by calling (617) 552-3310. (adapted from Northwestern University)

Sample #3

Life at college can get very complicated. Students sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost, experience anxiety or depression, struggle with relationship difficulties or diminished self- esteem. However, many of these issues can be effectively addressed with a little help. University Counseling Services (UCS) helps students cope with difficult emotions and life stressors. UCS is staffed by experienced, professional psychologists and counselors, who are attuned to the needs of college students. The services are free and completely confidential. Find out more at www.bc.edu/offices/counseling/or by calling (617) 552-3310.  (adapted from Illinois State University)

Sample #4

Diminished mental health, including significant stress, mood changes, excessive worry, or problems with eating and/or sleeping can interfere with optimal academic performance. The source of symptoms might be strictly related to your course work; if so, please speak with me. However, problems with relationships, family worries, loss, or a personal struggle or crisis can also contribute to decreased academic performance.

Boston College provides mental health services to support the academic success of students. University Counseling Services offers free, confidential psychological services to help you manage personal challenges that may threaten your well-being.

In the event I suspect you need additional support, I will express my concerns and the reasons for them, and remind you of resources (e.g., Counseling Services, Career Services, Dean of Students, etc.) that might be helpful to you.  It is not my intention to know the details of what might be bothering you, but simply to let you know I am concerned and that help, if needed, is available.

Getting help is a smart and courageous thing to do — for yourself and for those who care about you. (adapted from Ithaca College)