Teaching Strategies

Teaching Portfolios

What Is A Teaching Portfolio?

  • An organized collection of documents and other materials that demonstrate who you are as a teacher—a way to make teaching visible beyond the classroom.  Can be electronic or paper.

What Are They Used For?

  • Can be formative or summative.
  • Formative portfolios help you reflect on your teaching, look at what you’re doing, possibly share and discuss with a mentor.  It’s a place to collect your work for your own purposes, set goals and keep track of your own progress as a teacher.
  • Summative portfolios are tools in your professional career—job applications, promotions, awards.

What’s In Them?

  • Title page (home page in an electronic version)
  • Table of contents
  • CV
  • Description of teaching responsibilities
  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Descriptions of teaching workshops you’ve attended
  • Sample syllabus
  • Examples of how your teaching embodies your philosophy—student work, exercises you do with students, pictures, videos (if available)
  • Ways you assess your teaching (evaluations, observations)