Posting Grades

Posting Grades

Global Grade Posting Policy: 

Use the settings icon (this is the gear on the top right of the Gradebook) on the upper right hand-side of the screen to open the Gradebook settings menu and navigate to the grade-posting policy menu.

This menu will give you the option to automatically post grades or to manually post grades for every assignment. If set to automatic, students will be alerted immediately about grade updates and comments. Opting for manual grade posting will hide all assignment grades until they are manually posted or changes to the settings for Gradebook are made. We recommend using the global manual posting policy in the Gradebook.

Assignment-Specific Grade Posting Policy 

You can also set a grade posting policy for each assignment individually. This option can be helpful if you have an assignment that presents an exception to the global grade posting policy for the course. 

Once grades are posted, whether automatically or manually, students will get an email notification telling them that their grades are available.

Using the options icon (1), bring up the options menu for the assignment and select Grade Posting Policy (2).



This will bring up the Grade Posting Policy link, which offers a more detailed set of options. From here, you can adjust the assignment settings and choose to either manually or automatically post grades for the assignment.


Posting Grades 

For assignments with a manual grade posting policy, you can post grades through the Gradebook interface. Once grades are entered, you can press the options icon (1) to bring up the options menu for the assignment and select post grades (2).

This will bring up the Grade Detail Tray on the right-hand-side of the screen, from which you have the option to post all grades, post only those grades that have been entered, or to post grades for a specific section of the course.

Once a selection has been made, you can post changes by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of the menu. 

View Gradebook 

Once you have set a grade posting policy, you can view it in gradebook. 

Assignments with a manual posting policy will always be marked as MANUAL in Gradebook. Once grades begin to be entered, the visibility icon will appear (an eye with a slash through it) to indicate that students cannot yet see any grades. 

When grades are posted, the visibility icon disappears. The visibility icon is also absent before grading begins.The following image displays the differences in appearance between manual assignments that have been graded and posted, those that have yet to be graded, and those that have grades that have yet to be posted.