Get Started with Quizzes

The Quizzes tool in Canvas is a flexible tool for giving timed assessments to students. The tool is equipped with various question types that will be automatically scored by Canvas using the answer key that you provide. There are also question types that allow students to type in an essay response, or upload a file as their answer. Such questions can be graded using SpeedGrader or by downloading the files.

Quizzes can be either graded or ungraded. More details about the different quiz types can be found on the “What quiz types can I create in a course?” page from Canvas.

This section includes information on:

Note on “New Quizzes”: Because some instructors have experienced technical issues when using “New Quizzes,” we recommend instructors refrain from turning “New Quizzes” on in the Settings panel of your Canvas site at this time. The core features of Quizzes are available in both New and Classic versions. If there is a feature in “New Quizzes” that you need, please reach out to for more information about transitioning to this new platform.