Get Started With The Calendar

The calendar tool in Canvas collects events and assignments across all your courses into a single view, providing a useful overview of upcoming events and tasks.

Best Practices

  • Course-related Events: Use calendar events to describe the topic and activities for each class session.
  • Special Events: Use the calendar to highlight special events outside the normal class schedule.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Use the Scheduler to have students sign up for office hours or individual conferences.

A Comparison of Events and Assignments

  • Events have a start and end date, while Assignments have a single due date.
  • Assignments with a date will automatically show up on the calendar alongside events.
  • Both calendar events and assignments show up on the schedule in the Syllabus tool.
  • Calendar events are managed on the calendar, while Assignments can be added from either the calendar or from the Assignments page in your course.