Get Started With Files

Files include anything uploaded to your course site from your computer (Word documents, PDFs, PPTs, etc).  Each time you upload a document to Modules, create a link to a document on the Syllabus or in Pages, or in any way bring non-media content into the course, the content will be stored in Files.

Files are a storage location for all the content uploaded to a course.  As such, your files may contain out-of-date syllabi and other content that you’ve worked with previously but do not intended to show to students.  The Files tab is hidden from students by default.

If you have copied content into your course from another Canvas course or from a previously migrated Blackboard Vista site, you will find your content in Files.

As of May 2015 Canvas issued a new Files configuration.  Click here to view a table comparing the older and newer versions of Files in Canvas.