Import Content Into Your Canvas Course

The following instructions will assist you in moving content from a Canvas course to the Canvas course in which you will be teaching.

Step-by-step instructions

From your new course site, click on “Settings” in the course menu on the left side of the page.  Then, click “Import Content into this Course” on the right side of the screen. 

Course settings


Pull down the Content Type menu and select Copy a Canvas Course.

"import content" page


Then select the course from the drop-down menu.

Select course to import


Click the button for “Select specific content.”

  • Instead of copying everything from another Canvas site into your new active course site, you have the ability to choose exactly what will be included

Click the “Import” button. 

Select content and import


Under “Current Jobs,” you will now be able to click on the “Select Content” button and choose which files you want to import.

"Current jobs" menu


A list of all the content inside the course will be displayed. Select the specific content you wish to bring into your new course by selecting the box next to the content.  Bringing over only the materials you will use in your current course will allow your Canvas site to remain uncluttered.

List of Canvas course content


To select the specific content, you must click the box next to the item you wish to bring over.

select specific content


After selecting the items you would like to bring over, click “Select content” in the bottom right.

"Select content" icon


A screen will display showing that your request is running.

List of current jobs running


When the process is complete you will see a green “Completed” icon.

Current jobs completed


Canvas does its best to place your materials into locations similar to the ones in the old Blackboard course.  Content from folders normally appears in Modules.  If you are having difficulty locating an item that you have imported, other good places to check are the Pages section and the Files section.