Add People To Canvas

Step-by-step instructions for Adding People

From the Home page of your Canvas course select the “People” button on the left navigation bar.

Screen shot of course site tabs, with People framed.

Screen shot of course site tabs, with People framed.

Next, select the “Add People” button.

Screen shot of Add People tab

Add the email address of the person you would like to add to your course.

  • **Remember to use the email format.

Add people box, where a new email is entered

Select the appropriate role for the individual: Teacher, Grader Role, TA, Designer, Librarian, Observer.

Use Role box to assign role to added person

If you have multiple sections of a course, be sure you are adding the person or people to the correct section.

Add people box, with Section box highlighted

If adding a Teacher, Grader, or TA, select the box next to “Can Grade Students in their section only” if it applies. Click Next.

Check/Uncheck "grade only in their section" box for assigned teachers

A confirmation screen will appear once the user ID has been validated.  Click “Add Users” to finish the process.Add User button

Click “Done” to exit back to your course.

Add People confirmation screen

Once the user has been added, they will receive an email notification from Canvas inviting them to the course.