Lecture Capture

Edit a Panopto Recording

Access the video editor from from the “Panopto Recordings” tab in your Canvas course site. Roll over the title of the session you want to edit to make the menu appear. From the menu, select “Edit,” and the editor will open.

Making Edits to the Beginning and/or End of a Recording

  1. Begin by clicking the scissors icon. Handles will appear at both the beginning and end of the recording.
  2. To trim the beginning of the recording, drag the edit handle from the left to the right. 
  3. To trim the end of the recording, drag the edit handle from the right to the left. Portions that have been edited out will turn gray. 


Making Edits to the Middle of a Recording

  1. While still using the scissors tool, place the cursor where you would like to begin the cut, click and drag the cursor line to the right and let go when you have reached the place you want to end the cut. 
  2. Edit handles will appear on either side of the cut, allowing you to more finely trim the piece. 
  3. Click back to the “pointer” icon to set the edit.


Saving Edits and Publishing to Canvas

All edits made in the editor are “non-destructive,” meaning that you are always able to restore the recording to its last published version. To do this, click “Revert.”


To update the recording with your edits, click “Publish.” Depending on your video settings, this may mean that the video will be visible to students.