Lecture Capture

Introduction to Panopto

Panopto Lecture Capture and Personal Capture allow instructors to create recordings of classroom lectures or presentations, including audio, video and screen content, and share them with students online and in Canvas.

Personal Capture

Use Personal Capture to record lectures directly from your computer.

  • Allows faculty who may be missing a class period due to outside obligations to provide a lecture to students
  • Supports just-in-time snow-day lectures when classes are cancelled
  • Provides the ability to implement flipped-classroom approaches that present lectures outside of class to preserve time in-class for active learning and hands-on activities
  • Facilitates online course development by easily recording instructor lectures

Personal capture records:

  1. a computer screen
  2. audio input
  3. video content through a webcam or other device (optional)

Lecture Capture

Use Lecture Capture to automatically record lectures and presentations in specially-equipped rooms, with little set-up work required from the instructor.

  • Helps students review content from your lectures anytime outside of class
  • Increases student participation – since students know they can review the material after class, they will be less focused on taking notes and more engaged in the course
  • Archives irreplaceable lectures like guest speakers and presenters to be used for subsequent courses

Classroom recordings are scheduled by CTE staff at the beginning of each semester. Recordings start and end automatically based on this schedule. After each class period the recording is uploaded and compressed and can then be automatically inserted in the course’s Canvas site. Students can then log into the Canvas course site to view the recording. All of this happens behind the scenes, without any additional work on the part of the instructor. Editing options are available, as is an ability to prevent the recording from being released to students until the instructor specifies. The finished recordings are viewable on both Mac and PC platforms.

2020-21: During the 20-21 school year, classes will automatically be recorded in classrooms equipped with lecture capture to accommodate students who need to participate remotely. You can find out if your classroom is equipped with lecture capture by visiting the Classroom Profiles website and clicking on the “Spring 2021” tab. By default, class recordings will not be available to students unless instructors proactively make them available, though you can also opt out of the automatic recording if you would not like your classes to be recorded at all. If your classes will be recorded and you would like those recordings to be made available to students, see how to quickly make all recordings available automatically and make individual recordings available as needed.