Lecture Capture

Share Panopto Recordings

A Panopto recording can be shared with students in multiple ways. Most simply, you can direct students to the recording on the “Panopto Recordings” page they can get to from the Canvas course’s Navigation bar. You can also embed the video into Canvas using the External Tool function anywhere you have the Rich Content Editor (Pages, Assignments, and Announcements), allowing you to immediately contextualize the recording with other course material. You can also use the External Tool in Modules to add a Panopto recording into a module.

To share videos with students in a new course, you can also simply embed the video into the Canvas site of the new course using the External Tool. Embedding the video into Canvas allows the students in that course to view the video, even if the video is not listed under “Panopto Recordings” for that course and is hosted in a different Canvas site.

If you need to share the Panopto recording with students in a new course but do not want to embed the videos in Canvas, you can copy or move the recording to the Canvas site for the new course. This will list the video under “Panopto Recordings” for that new course.

Lastly, you can share Panopto videos with those outside of Canvas by sharing a link to the video with them and changing the permissions so that those with the link can view it.